General Installation Guidelines HEADING_TITLE
  • Determine where you want the beams.  Make sure there is adequate backing in the ceiling and/or walls where beams will be placed. 
  • Measure the inside of the VT.  Snap out lines according to the inside dimensions of the beam.
  • Secure backing strips (1-1/2" x 1-1/2" boards running continuously the length of the beam) on the inside of the lines using construction screws. 
  • Place the VT over the backing strips and secure at the top with our recommended PowerPro finish screws every 18" on center.  (It is up to the installer's discretion how many fasteners are needed for a safe installation.)
  • Sink the finish screws in 1/8" in, and fill holes with wood putty.  VTs are all wood, and can be stained just like solid timbers, either before or after installation.

VTs are designed for decorative purposes only, and should not be used for structural applications!  


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