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Why use VT beams?

The look and feel of solid wood timbers

Wood timbers enhance any home or building with a timeless, natural beauty. For centuries timbers have been used for decorative purposes. From a grand timbered entryway, simple planks in a lakeside cottage, rustic beams in the mountain cabin, timbers have many different looks. Made from quality Douglas Fir, VTs look absolutely authentic, and can be textured and stained just like solid timbers.

Lightweight and Easy to Install

Having the authentic timber look is now easier than ever! Since VTs are hollow they are only a fraction of the weight of solid timbers, adding minimal stress to the structure which reduces the cost in engineering and materials.

Obstacle Solver

VTs offer a solution for common building problems.

  • Easily cover seams/joints, pipes, wiring, rough construction or metal with the beautiful timber look!
  • Install light fixtures inside

Environmentally Friendly

 VT beams use less wood to achieve the timber look, preserving dwindling forest resources.

Wide Selection of Sizes

We offer the largest selection of beam sizes available in the industry. With every beam custom made, VTs save you money by providing the right beam to fit your needs.

  • Beams can be made 2, 3 or 4 sided.
  • Standard sizes are 4"x 4" to 20"x 20" and up to 27' in length. Larger sizes are available upon request.
  • Beams can be made to fractional measurements (width and height) and to half-foot increments in length.

Beam Specs.

  • We use high grade Douglas Fir stock that is air-dried to 10-12% moisture content before use.
  • Skins are cross laminated to prevent cupping, twisting, and cracking.
  • The laminated board width is 3/4".



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