We do our best to get the cheapest shipping rates possible by going through multiple freight companies.  Rates depend upon the size of the order and the destination.  Most orders ship LTL common carrier and small orders less than 8' and 100 lbs ship UPS or FedEx.

Once your order is placed (see How to Order ) you will be given a target ship date (listed on the invoice).  You will be contacted prior to the ship date if there is any change in the schedule and to verify the ship date.  After the order has shipped you will be given a tracking number to check the status during transit.  We cannot guarantee the transit time unless you pay specifically for confirmed delivery on a particular day.  We are not responsible for any charges due to changes in the delivery address.  If your address changes from the time the order was placed please be sure to call and update us with your new information before shipment.

The carrier will contact you to set up a delivery time once the order reaches the terminal in the destination city.  You are responsible for unloading the shipment.  Beams are packaged securely in wooden crates, which can be dismantled upon arrival if necessary.  Most beams are light enough to be handled by one or two people.

Any damage or loss incurred in transit is the responsibility of the carrier.  Please inspect your shipment before the truck leaves.  If there is irreparable damage to any or all of the order, reject the damaged goods, and contact our customer service immediately.  We will reissue your order.


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