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When you receive your order check to insure that no damage occurred during shipment.  If there is damage, please follow the instructions as outlined in the Shipping information.

Handle VTs with care, and avoid putting stress on the corners, especially when carrying them.

It is best to install the VTs as soon as possible as they will acclimate best once installed and adequately fastened.   If VTs will not be installed right away, leave them wrapped in the plastic wrap, and store in a cool dry place, out of direct sunlight, until just before they are stained or installed.  For added precaution cover the VTs with a tarp to protect them from indirect sunlight which can sunburn the wood.  

Since VTs are made from wood they are vulnerable to extreme changes in temperature and humidity, especially in dry and arid areas.  If the building is going to be heated for the first time shortly after the VTs have been installed, consider using a humidifier to bring the humidity down slowly.  Indoor humidity can be as low as 2-5% during dry midwinter conditions.  This can cause the wood to adjust too quickly, which may result in some superficial cracking and popping sounds caused by very small fibers snapping.   This doesn't affect the integrity of the beams, and after the VTs have acclimated will not continue.    


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